Hello, my name is Ronald Kowalsky and I am the founder of Seniors of Ohio Inc.  We are a Publicly Named 501C3 Non Profit Organization in the State of Ohio dedicated to assisting those whose income is at and below the poverty level. 


I formed my first public charity in August of 2008 through the Jaycee's of Ohio Resident Council of Columbus.  We have since grown into what we are today making it official in September of 2010. 

We started with simple letter writing campaigns connecting with locally run companies  in the area and requested donations of any kind for our Seniors.  They responded very generously with everything from
monetary donations, products and merchandise or coupons for the goods and services they offer.  Since the success of our initial attempts, momentum has built for SOOI.org and we are now reaching out beyond our local area and trying to make connections throughout the State in order to help Seniors in other communities.

I have set up this website in order to make it easy for the Friends of SOOI.org to make a financial contribution to help our cause of improving the Quality of Life for an often overlooked segment of Society.  

Myself and everyone affiliated with SeniorsOfOhioInc.Org want to sincerely Thank You for your generous contributions through the years.  By doing so you have made it possible for us to continue this "Labor of Love" and help us do the work we feel is of the utmost importance.

If you would like more information on how we will put your donations to use, I can be reached via email at ronaldkowalsky@yahoo.com or you can click the link above and sign our Guestbook!  I will respond to any inquiries ASAP.

Best Regards,

Ronald Kowalsky
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